2016/10/25: OpenStack Summit Day 1

by Gene Kim on


2016/10/24: OpenStack Summit Day 1

Up: Mark Collier

Up: Anna Lei, Huawei

- @annilai: "National telcos often will be powerful incumbent to own cloud, b/c they already own the network"

  • Many carrier grade 4G infrastructure running on OpenStack: OpenNFV Doctor to do fault management, alarming
  • #OpenStack & #NFV demo showing 999.99% at #openstacksummit with a phone call that did not drop despite 2 cable cuts.
  • SP-class / carrier-grade live 4G infrastructure demo #NFV on #Openstack @opnfv https://twitter.com/JohnRollason/status/790829398522036224/photo/1
  • That was such a super-cool demo; carrier-grade operations get less mystical and exotic every year...
  • Mark just cut the cable!!! @openstack #runsonopenstack https://twitter.com/dims/status/790829619133947904/photo/1
  • Fun cable-cutting NFV demo at #OpenStackSummit. Before #OpenStack w Doctor project, call dropped when cables pulled. After call rerouted. https://twitter.com/samcharrington/status/790829873753419776/photo/1
  • #OpenStack and #NFV keep live phone call alive despite two cable cuts by chaos monkey @sparkycollier
  • TSystems: 250K servers, 156MM mobile users; openstack: public cloud, backbone NFV/Terastream, internal dev/test workloads\

Up: Tim Bell, CERN

  • Bell: "CERN Large Hadron Collider: largest machine on earth; I have antimatter factory near my office; 1 billion collisions/sec, driving compute needs
  • Bell: 160 PB stored on tape; 0.5 PB/day recorded > 0.5 PB/day
  • need 60x compute increase by 2023; Moore's Law only takes us part way there
  • 190K cores

- Bell: "190K cores in OpenStacke right now; 50K more to be added later this year