2016/10/24: Intel Builders Day 1

by Gene Kim on


2016/10/24: Intel Builders Summit


  • RT @cody_bunch: Next up: Open Source Cloud Journey, do's and don'ts @khanfurkan and @HollyBazemore #IntelBuilders
  • @hollybazemore: Comcast is the 3rd largest telco in the US, largest cable carrier in the US
  • @hollybazemore: over 900 teams using OpenStack internally at Comcast; aptitude is more important than skill!
  • @hollybazemore: one problem w/people w/bad attitudes: easy to accidentally hire, takes long to get rid of them!
  • @hollybazemore: "junior engineers often point out that solutions don't need to be complex; vs senior architects" (ha!)
  • @hollybazemore: "openstack initiatives, more than most, need to be run like a business; 'it's a platform' only takes u so far"
  • @hollybazemore: "upgrading is hard: but stay close to release & core;
  • @hfbazemore sharing great stories of creating coalistions, clever ways to pool budgets, elevate visiblity of successes, etc.
  • RealGeneKim: RT @mistwire: #IntelBuilders @hfbazemore 6-9 month hardware refresh time @ comcast... OpenStack to the rescue!
  • RT @mistwire: #IntelBuilders @hfbazemore 6-9 Q: How much storage do you need? A: All the storage https://t.co/xgtTu2D1bT
  • @furkankhan sharing story of MTV/ESPN stories of video transcoding at scale; 300+ openstack nodes, lots of transcoding vendors
  • @RealGeneKim: RT @cody_bunch: That tweet. #IntelBuilders https://t.co/WFNb2kJqeB
  • @hfbazemore: "At Comcast, we have a fierce OpenStack loyalists; groups going to public cloud are guaranteed to hear from them"

- @furkankhan: "many ops folks immediately alienated by new terminology: scrums, sprints, etc, many are not huge champions"