2016/10/20 PuppetConf Day 1a

by Gene Kim on


  • @nigelkersten: "in software business, we can't cost-cut our way to success; and every enterprise is a software company"
  • RT @jasonhand: "I didn't say go and tell... I said go and see!" @ladyhock: the changing rolls of leadership and #devops #PuppetConf
  • RT @GraceStu: Greatly appreciate the diversity of panel members @PuppetConf #TechDiversity #PuppetConf https://t.co/05TzTWGoFX
  • @ladyhock: "our 1st place to start: value stream mapping"; her videos on how her team at Nordstrom used VSM are fantastic.
  • and holy cow, I am always in awe of what @ericarmorrison & @scottprugh are doing at CSG! #does16
  • RT @gialyons: "How do we get value into customers' hands?" VP of Tech @Starbucks re key starting point when educating teams #DevOps #puppetconf

- Interesting; panel describing some training for folks, but lots of reliance on learning by doing, pair programming, etc.

RT @jasonhand: One way teams are helping to educate individuals on #devops is to put them on-call & make them part of postmortems @nigelkersten #PuppetConf
- OH: "As Dir of Ops, I'm here to introduced @nigelkersten; he's here to teach us about automation, so I can fire all of you. Ha!" (Oh no!)
- Seriously, @nigelkersten, that is worst and funniest intro ever. But shows a deep hidden fear of many tech leaders
- Great Q: "DevOps solved many probs; what new probs has it created?" "Hiring. Training." (Wow.)

- RT @binford2k: RT @gialyons: Common fear: "If I automate things, I'm automating myself out of a job." How do YOU address this fear? #DevOps #puppetconf

RT @gialyons: Fear: 'Will mess up change control and give access to bad actors in the org' Must show proof of opposite to gain trust #DevOps #puppetconf
- OH @nigelkersten: "antipattern: they say we're doing DevOps; but we're actually just at end of a big waterfall project" (ha!)
- RT @pizzaops: "Thankfully hiera's been deprecated. I wrote it over a weekend, and it's turned out quite well." -@ripienaar


  • RT @gialyons: Fear: 'Merging IT teams will never agree on processes' Start by agreeing on what to measure, biz impact #DevOps #puppetconf
  • on hiring: @ericarmorrison: "we want people who you can give problems and where they can learn whatever they need to solve that prob"
  • @nigelkersten: "I believe that one of the top hiring criteria is ability for learning, vs. list of jobs they've had"
  • @nigelkersten: "another hiring marker: when did they adopt various technologies" (shows ability to innovate/take risks)
  • RT @snstockton: Hire people who exhibit a behavioral pattern of learning @nigelkersten #PuppetConf
  • RT @rnelson0: RT @huberw: A good way to measure the progress of your devops team is to ask yourself “how painful are my deployments?” #puppetconf
  • @snstockton: Hire people who exhibit a behavioral pattern of learning @nigelkersten #PuppetConf
  • RT @snstockton: Hire people who exhibit a behavioral pattern of learning @nigelkersten #PuppetConf
  • It really is amazing: "how painful are you deployments (scale 1-7)?" is astonishing predictor of ITPERF, ORGPERF, burnout, tech practices