2016/10/20: PuppetConf 2016 Day 1

by Gene Kim on


PuppetConf 2016/10/20

Up: Nigel Kersten

Up: Luke Kanies

  • @RealGeneKim: @jsnover : hey @ferventcoder and I were talking about you yesterday here at #puppetconf! https://t.co/uOhEbNW3Oi
  • @puppetmasterd: 34K orgs using Puppet; 1600 people have contributed to PuppetForge; 476 employees
  • @puppetmasterd: "what I love is that production is finally starting to tinge the bright green space on other side of fence" Ha!
  • @puppetmasterd: "New Relic observed that average container runs for less than a minute: over 3 yrs, 1.5B continers vs 100 bare metal servers"
  • @puppetmasterd: "Everyone knows that working in power generation plant on land is better than rendering whale fat on ships."

Up: Sanjay Mirchandany, new CEO Puppet (former CIO at EMC)

  • Mirchandany: "sometimes vendors aren't the most helpful" (ha!)

Up: Luke Kanies again

- @puppetmasterd: "a mission critical citizen supporting entire country is running not Solaris, but SunOS. Their goal: just keep it running"

Up: Julie Hull, VP Product Management, Puppet

up: Mike Wittig, Sr Director Infrastructure Engineering, Nike (woohoo!)