2016/09/14: Red8 Cloud Summit

by Gene Kim on


2016/09/14: Red8 Cloud Summit

Up: Rob Flannery, SVP of National Sales

Richard Heard, President

Sean Collins, Senior Director, Engineering, Red8

  • 55 employees
  • Oof: OH: "Delta stands for 'delay everything through Atlanta'". Ha. @botchagalupe
  • Ha. OH: "Traffic is so bad in here in LA. Fastest way to get anywhere is to leave car in neutral, and just let earth move underneath you."
  • PS: rest assured that all airlines were equally made fun of.. :)
  • @joelthimsen: RT @RealGeneKim: #realcloud2016 Ha. Very true. “When transforming, be ready to destroy works of art” Sean Collins https://t.co/U2RHYpGgHt
  • Sean Collins: "hierarchical orgs are great for fixed outcomes; e.g., ensuring nuclear codes don't get improperly used, hierarchical orgs enable grt control"
  • Sean Collins: "the plural of 'anecdate' isn't 'data'" Ha! @nicolefv