2014/07/15: DevOpsDays MSP

by Gene Kim on


Heather and Ross Clanton

what business process, what are the APIs, what was the policy that you busted?
2 year process
80 deploys per week

too many handoffs,
they don't want to hear about unicorns internally
michael ducy: goat in silo
mental model was hugely different
now sending engineers and technologists all over the splace; due to sending managers to Velocity
create culture could level up: experiment, test/fail/learn/succeed
learning culture
LegoOps: think of infrastructure as reusable, stitched together in many ways
working/experimenting with different service models, which will go furthest to delighting customer, including Dev
biggest source of waste is back/forth between teams during handoffs
new problem: demand was increasing
flash builds: 2 full days: demo, 4h sdprints
ex: 8 hours: would taken many weeks in traditional delivery proces

  • what project was it?

now let's call it what it is: we stopped avoiding DevOps
2 devopsdays
100% said we need to do it again

automation hackathon: automatin demo spotlight

right inventory at right time, phone system, guest contact, POS,
there's no buzzkill worse than not being able to do what you want

questioning what should be: as is vs should be vs to be