2014/06/25 Velocity Conf Day 1

by Gene Kim on


Opening Session: John Allspaw, Steve Souders (@allspaw, @souders)

  • 7th Velocity Conference
  • @deepults: Check out the live stream from the Velocity Conference #velocityconf.
  • @davecozzo: Watch the #Velocityconf keynotes live this morning! http://t.co/kbnBjkBEzf
  • Wow. 7th year of #velocityconf w/@allspaw & @sounders! RT @@ernestmueller: RT @mrembetsy: Happy to see @courtneynash on video. We miss you here but congrats on your most recent 'project'
  • davecozzo: Watch #Velocityconf keynotes live! http://t.co/kbnBjkBEzf
  • @sarawinge: Perfect kickoff video for #velocityconf: @okgo's "The Writing's On the Wall" http://t.co/Ym4rSocL1w Serious performance & operations chops!
  • @davecozzo: Watch the #Velocityconf keynotes live this morning! http://t.co/kbnBjkBEzf
  • RT @davecozzo: Watch the #Velocityconf keynotes live this morning! http://t.co/kbnBjkBEzf
  • @benjammingh: #VelocityConf misses you @courtneynash!
  • Beautiful baby! TTYS! :) RT @benjammingh: #VelocityConf misses you @courtneynash!

Up: Jeff Dean: "Achieving Rapid Response Ties in Large Online Services", Google

  • Dean: "Shared envs are great; increases utilization, but diff to predict to effects of variability; network, jobs, etc
  • Dean: "latency reduction techniques: prioritized interactive sessions high in queues; same for network; break large requests into seq of small requests
  • Dean: "manage expensive background activities (log compaction in dstrib systems); rate limit activities; defer expensive activity until load is lower
  • @PauloTrezentos: #velocityconf Jeff Dean on stage about Large on-line services. After 14 years of Google, probably the right guy :-) http://t.co/2SXaBLeG7i
  • Dean: "Tolerating faults: rely on extra resources (RAID, ECC, dist sys components); make a reliable whole out of unrealiable parts; (difference: variability happens far more freq than hw failures)
  • Dean: "
  • @wickett: Selective Replication, find heavily used items and make more replicas, can be static or dynamic
  • @pingdom: “Partition large datasets, more than 1 per machine – like 10-100 per machine” – Jeff Dean, Google, at #Velocityconf
  • @benjaminkrein: Remove capacity under load to improve latency (reduce interference).
  • @courtneynash: @mrembetsy wish I was there but feeling the #velocityconf love from afar!

  • @keynotesystems: Theme: Context! - Ben Rushlo: Why improving performance? - Performance, for the sake of the business outcome

  • @brianlmoon: Two keynote talks by vendors and both done right. Not selling me anything. Well done #velocityconf team.

  • Performance illusion reigns; internal testing worked for awhile

  • @dankinbeta: "Performance perception changes depending of the market/location" from Ben Rushlo session @keynotesystems

  • @abnerg: If you are going to use the theme from an analyst house as the intro to your keynote you should credit them (Forrester's BT)

  • @rachelnahiara: "We should create a culture that cares about performance for the sake of the business outcome" Ben Rushlo @keynotesystems

  • @morgansundqvist: RT @pingdom: “What did you most enjoy from day 1?” Here’s a 2-minute video recapping day 1 at #velocityconf https://t.co/c7OLRdxKUy

  • @rick_viscomi: Imagine having a "cloud" to "butt" extension for this multi-cloud keynote https://t.co/DwGmFZaEZr

  • talking about need to talk to webops people when you're generating lots of load

  • problems around moving to multiple cloud providers; using OpenStack; could use RightScale

Up: Pamela Fox: was developer advocacy at Google; now at Kahn Academy

  • .@pamelafox: "Lowering the barrier to progrmming"
  • .@pamelafox: "1MM more jobs than students than students by 2020; $500 billion opportunity"
  • @Neotys: 1 hr before #velocityconf starts and @UPS says the truck carrying our booth crashed…destroying the booth. http://t.co/Bd8g0haGeJ
  • .@pamelafox: "As a child, how did I get into computers; 2 computer scientists as professors; 5 computers; a T1 line!" (!!)
  • .@pamelafox: "I was privileged, and I used the shit out of it
  • .@pamelafox: "We can't afford to rely on luck any more; we need to lower the barriers
  • .@pamelafox: "Writing Javascript on ipad is hard; but I've seen people do it for 5 hrs, b/c it's all they have!"
  • .@pamelafox: "Recommending donorschoose.org; suggest choosing programs that donate laptops to schools
  • @r343l: I'm glad to hear @pamelafox straightforwardly saying most of us here are in computers because we were lucky.
  • .@pamelafox: "Barrier #2: Local Dev setup: many students struggle w/setting up local environment; ppl get frustrated & give up
  • .@pamelafox: "Many students don't own their own computers; maybe they have ChromeBooks;
  • .@pamelafox: "Online program envs: JavaScript env at Kahn Academy; Scratch; etc
  • .@pamelafox: "
  • @r343l: Huzzah! @pamelafox is calling out that setting up dev environment can be a barrier to learning.
  • @arudger: Grateful for women like @pamelafox and @ruthef that inspire our (my) daughters to code
  • @jeffreydamick: RT @wickett: http://t.co/NXhnBQfeav, you can donate a laptop there
  • .@pamelafox: "Barrier #3: In 28 out of 50 states, CS does not count towards math/sci graduation requirements; 9/10 schools don't offer CS courses
  • @lxt: "@BrendanEich demos Doom in the browser. I want to see him demo a coding environment in the browser" - @pamelafox
  • "Top encouragement: 1) parental encouragement; 2) familial encouragement; 3) friends; encourage, don't pressure
  • @kentalstad: In 28 out of 50 states Computer Science does not count towards graduation. Ack!
  • @wickett: Coding clubs are popping up, http://t.co/RZt6lcq9Ve
  • @sigje: “@velocityconf: Barrier 2 ...is lack of a local dev environment. @pamelafox #velocityconf” this is what I have proposed to @ghc OS hack day!
  • @wickett: Goal: lower the barrier for one kid to learn to code

Rodney Mullen (@rodneymullen): "Best Skaters, Best Fallers"

  • .@rodneymullen: "upon fall, recalibrating, trying to figure out what to change; and asks where is security guard, has someone called cops
  • .@rodneymullen: "Your capacity to cope with failure will be tested; difference between good and great"
  • .@rodneymullen: "Watching Tony Hawk is more demonstrative of his physical genius; you see how quickly he locks onto it; he seems moderately bored, tolerating it
  • .@rodneymullen: "Nuanced feel for relative motion; synchronized with movement
  • @wickett: Your capacity to deal and cope with failure is what makes the difference between good and great @rodneymullen
  • .@rodneymullen: "With 2 days of no skating, you atrophy skills that quickly
  • .@rodneymullen: "
  • @lxt: Listening to Rodney Mullen talk about how to build on failure..."the best skaters are the best fallers"
  • .@rodneymullen: "It's not about how good we are; it's about how good we are at falling down
  • .@rodneymullen: "
  • @mikeodea: one of my fav skaters @rodneymullen talking about adapting to failure at #velocityconf http://t.co/9fFJZnabZU
  • .@rodneymullen: "Nuanced feel; reaction time; how quickly can we recover; he knows how to lock his body, leverage most control with smallest movement
  • .@rodneymullen: "Balance and fear management
  • .@rodneymullen: "Don't think about it too much; you'll get images of disaster, and send you to hospital
  • .@rodneymullen: "dozens of broken bones; they pay you for what you can do; they pay you even when you can't skate & healing
  • .@rodneymullen: "Skateboard community more conducive to innovation; throwing board into awkard positions not according to design
  • @ChrisLove: failure pain injury and recovery
  • .@rodneymullen: "@gwaldo: I’m not a skateboarder, but I’m loving this #VelocityConf talk. Fantastic storyteller. Best speaker so far.
  • .@rodneymullen: "hardest part of skateboarding isn't the fall; it's about getting up again and again, until you make it
  • .@rodneymullen: "Danny Way? Waiting for Lightning: documentary; broke
  • @cvwdyn: Appreciate the efforts of @allspaw & rest of #velocityconf team on finding parallels from other industries for learning in web ops.
  • @velocityconf: Developers, web architects, webops engineers and skateboarders "we're all embracing failure" @rodneymulllen
  • @benjaminkrein: The hardest part of (skateboarding) is getting up again & again. @rodneymullens
  • @furf: RT @velocityconf: Skateboarding is unusually innovative because they embrace failure as a community. @rodneymullen

Lightning Demos

RT @jeffreydamick: RT @wickett: http://t.co/NXhnBQfeav, you can donate a laptop there