2014/03/09: Norway itSMF

by Gene Kim on


Robert Stroud, CA

  • .@robertestroud: "avg # of apps per device: 41; # of apps CIOs plan to deploy in next 2 yrs: 25"
  • .@robertestroud: "Tesco Homeplus: Korea: showed pics of food on subway walls: scan w/app, delivered in hours: sales up 130%" http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2011-06/30/tesco-home-plus-billboard-store
  • .@robertestroud: "In my day job as strategy/innovation at CA: my longest strategy planning time horizon is 5 yrs;
  • .@robertestroud: "What are you agreeing to for in-store WiFi? Track you, identify you w/3rd party data; agree to be targeted"
  • .@robertestroud: "Job of any IT leader: kill programs/services that don't add value: necessary to fund innovation
  • @RealGeneKim: Nice. “@hakmem: @RealGeneKim @RobertEStroud I think this is what Drucker called "organised abandonment"”
  • .@robertestroud: "Chief Information Officer implies guardian of data; must be Chief Innovation Officer"
  • Hah! .@robertestroud: "Hey, why do we have Net 60 day payment terms for internal IT chargebacks?"
  • .@robertestroud: "Irony: Agile incr admin overhead; proof case: daily sprint: lots of planning, even tho it adds tons of value
  • Funny. @robertestroud: "The business of banking distilled: take money from customers, and return them less"