2012/6/7: itSMF New England LIG

by Gene Kim on


  • "Each year, every Ford plant is responsible for 5% increase in productivity": from book "Leading In
  • A Culture of Change"

Matt Hooper, CEO, Smak, @vigilantguy

  • Spreading the #kanban love. :) RT @RoyAtkinson: “Stop starting; start finishing” via @RealGeneKim #ITSMFNE (cc @dominicad)
    @glennodonnell: Those of you at #ITSMFNE are having a real treat today with @RealGeneKim! Wish I could be there!

  • @RoyAtkinson: Listening to”Creepy killed the canary” (#bigdata) w/ @VigilantGuy at #ITSMFNE

  • Former VP IT Ops. RT @RoyAtkinson: Listening to”Creepy killed the canary” (#bigdata) w/ @VigilantGuy at #ITSMFNE (cc @gspaff)

  • Big driver of #bigdata is marketing, trying to figure out who you are, what you're doing, who you talk to: every POS transaction

  • Local Boston #bigdata company: tracking every POS in bars, trying to find beer buying patterns for producers @vigilantguy

  • Biz #bigdata reqs: policy (privacy, storage, retention); IP (use, disclosure); liability (integrity, availability) @vigilantguy

  • Quoting @chrisdancy: "If it's free, you're the product." (talking about LinkedIn) @vigilantguy

  • bigdata: Marketing should think "people buy from people"; Anonymity (prejudice, profiling, predator); empathy (genuine, authentic, integrity)

  • bigdata: "People expect that other person doesn't know much about them"; violating this is "profiling"/"creepy" @vigilantguy

  • bigdata: when violating anonymity, causes potential issues: prejudice, profiling, even predator @vigilantguy

  • bigdata mistake: Target predictive targeting: "customers creeped out when Target knew about their pregnancies in advance"

  • ...Target noticed that skin irritations preceded pregnancies, so non-odor skin cream buyers got "congrats for being pregnant"

  • ...all good until father got Target letter addressed to 16yo daughter "congrats for pregnancy". Oops.. Wow.

  • bigdata mistake: "People got creeped out when after Zappos purchase, they started seeing ads for shoes everywhere. Creepy."

  • bigdata mistake: Letter read "It's clever marketing, but was creepy when you don't know what's going on"

  • bigdata: @vigilantguy creepy example: when searching for "Target" logo, learned all his friends who also searched for it

  • bigdata creepy canaries: ensure explicit consent; use apps/ad networks from legit srcs; monitor all channels; don't abuse tech

  • bigdata: @vigilantguy: "we had to look at all our ad networks that we plug into..."

  • bigdata: @vigilantguy: "Here's Target #bigdata model; customer centric: good start"

  • Consumer Service Improvement model is great model to use

  • "What" to "Can" worksheet: what to measure -> what we can measure analysis

  • bigdata worksheet: search terms for sales/support/delivery/supporter/hater/fail; on channels Twitter/Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn

  • bigdata input channels: support@, sales@, info@; website comments, forums, etc. @vigilantguy

  • bigdata: Try this Google search: put ur name in, Adv Search, then click "love us/hate us/use us/need us/want us" @vigilantguy

  • bigdata: @vigilantguy: "average American has 600+ online social connections"

  • bigdata: @vigilantguy focusing Smak to recruiters; natural recruiters: avg 3000+ connections; natural bigdata problem

  • bigdata: recommends book Bob Hayes "The Next Ultimate Question" or "Beyond The Ultimate Question" on customer svc; @vigilantguy

  • bigdata: @vigilantguy: Q: "we're using 1-5 stars to grade cust svc; issues?" A: "if u followup, make sure raters know you will"

  • bigdata: @vigilantguy's Facebook policy for his kids: address is 123 Main St, Atlantic City (doesn't exist), fake birthday etc.

Dennis Ravenelle: "IT That Matters"

  • MIT Sloan: exec issues with IT: IT for the non-exec course: George Westerman, Richard Hunter
    • spending too much on IT, is a black hole, projects fail to deliver, no customer focus, need to spend smarter, should we outsource, huge and unknown risk about IT, lack of trust between IT adn biz, CIO speaks foreign language
  • Dennis Ravenelle: CFO 2010 survey: "IT systems out of date, inflexible, unable to support new reqs" biggest finance impediment
  • Ravanelle: "in previous life, passed potential acq: 642 apps, loosely coupled: target system on verge of bankruptcy, couldn't close books"
  • Ravanelle: "Merger of Thompson & Bennett merger: friend in charge of integration: itSMF project of the year 2010"
  • Ravanelle: "
  • @RoyAtkinson: Listen to @dgr_boston talking about C-level views of IT. #ITSMFNE
  • @RealGeneKim: Dennis Ravenelle talking how IT matters RT @RoyAtkinson: Listen to @dgr_boston talking about C-level views of IT. #ITSMFNE
  • Ravanelle: "Service excellence in IT is like reliable power, flushing toilets, hot bath..."
  • IT Risk: Turning Risk Into Business Advantage
  • Ravanelle: 1. Fix the foundation: deliver reliable service. Reqd for credibility
  • Ravanelle: "There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all" --Peter Drucker #devops
  • Ravanelle: "After studying 1400 orgs: change happens because of disciplined people; get right ppl on/off bus, in driver seat"
  • Ravanelle: talking about IT governance: ISO/IEC 38500; sounds like impl model for COSO cube. Nice.
  • Ravanelle: Getting IT Right, 2004, Charlie Feld, Donna Stoddard: "superb leadership, execution, etc."
  • Ravanelle: IT Savvy: from Pain To Gain: Peter Weill: 7-11 store clerks stocking informed by weather, product availability: hot weather: bentop boxes; cold weather, noodle dishes
  • @CarlosCasanova: RT @RoyAtkinson: Change really happens because of disciplined people. - Jim Collins via @dgr_boston #ITSMFNE
  • Ravanelle: Harvard: Drs. F. Warren McDarlan and Richard Nolan: IT Strategic Impact Grid: IT for offense and defense?
  • Ravanelle: July 2003: HBR: Norhria, Jyce, Robertson, "What Really Works":
  • Ravanelle: HBR 2003 "What Really Works": Primary: All 4: strategy, execution, culture, structure (10x outperformance)
  • Ravanelle: ...and pick any 2 of Secondary practices: talent, innovation, leadership, mergers/partnerships
  • Ravanelle: "Culture eats strategy for breakfast, and has process for lunch" (haha)
  • Ravanelle: citing Dr. Kotter 8 step org change model: "Our Iceberg Is Melting"
  • Ravanelle: "Process is the conductor and score that turns people and technology"
  • Ravanelle: "Transformation projects typically takes 6-12 months for highly mature orgs"
  • Ravanelle: "God could create the earth in 7 days, because he had no installed user base"
  • Ravanelle: "Intel supplier transform: 5 year; Delta Airlines IT transform: 5 yrs"
  • Ravanelle: Quality objective ("decrease"); metric ("the time reqd to"); desired biz outcome ("complete an online purcahse")
  • Ravanelle: Carr "IT Doesn't Matter": Most IT has 3-5 year lifespan, and doesn't matter
  • Ravanelle: Q: "How did XX do YY, given that they're so, um, 'process shy'?" -- that's a code word I've never heard of before. :)
  • "process shy" is new codeword for "reckless cowboys", I think... :)
  • Having great time here. Amazing speakers and authorities. Talking w/@dgr_boston, author "IT That Matters" was incredible.
  • .@carloscasanova asked how I take notes & tweet at same time. @_flynn/me wrote TweetScriber. It's free. http://tweetscriber.com
  • "There's no substitute for watching people work". Yes. True for ITIL, process, UX, app design, plant floor. (ConsultingPortal)
  • "Far too many process designs just sit on shelf. Should engage stakeholders, identify reqs, and enable automation"
  • "Can't just look at Visio process diagram, and know what the work instructions should be in the tool" (Nice. ConsultingPortal)
  • Also having fun meeting all the Akamai people here. @csoandy, had great conv w/Jason Stonehouse & others here at
  • "How many orgs freak out when auditors ask, 'can you send me you chg mgmt meeting notes for the last 2 months?'" (Hahaha)

Panel session: "Service Catalogs, one of the most confusing topics in ITSM"

  • Panelists: Scott Duquesne, Mass Mutual; Linda Sabot, Raytheon; Corina Torrey, TJX, David Kohler, Starwood (?)
  • Duquesne: "During IT xform project, to help understand biz and vice versa, we established chargeback, self svc catalog"
  • Duquesne: "We have simple catalog: request catalog from Newscale (Cisco): req PC, access to system; detailed catalog next"
  • Sabot: "Also started catalog as part of IT xform; merged commodity svc into centralized svc; spent months inventorying svc reqs"
  • Sabot: "At end, still didn't know what high level IT svcs being provided; reqs for consumers; svc catalog for stakeholders"
  • Sabot talking about Babson course called "IT Marketing": "everyone needs to know what IT services are being offered"
  • Sabot: types: commodity, programs, architecture
  • Torrey: 'I maintain our service catalog; challenge is still defining our IT services; goal is to link to chg mgmt system"
  • Torrey: "We now can link SLAs to svcs; challenges: defining structure for commodity and other svs; defining svc owner"
  • Torrey: "A big challenge was defining names for everything. Three letter acronyms made biz acceptance impossible."
  • Sabot: "Problem: differentiating services vs. applications; too easy to slip into talking about apps or biz acronyms"
  • OH: "What service do most people think Sharepoint belongs to? Printing service. B/c that's where docs are stores."
  • @RoyAtkinson: Great question: How do you reconcile what IT calls services vs what customers call them? They are often not the same. #itSMFne #ITSM
  • @RoyAtkinson: Great question: How @RoyAtkinson: Great question: How do you reconcile what IT calls services vs what customers call them? They are often not the same. #itSMFne #ITSM
  • do you reconcile what IT calls services vs what customers call them? They are often not the same. #itSMFne #ITSM
  • Torrey: "We mitigated that issue by having hotels come up with list of service names first, to ensure business context/view"
  • Sabot: Blackberry is not the service; Mobile or International Travel is the service; Blackberry is a fungible asset
  • Duquesne: "Focusing on IT svcs for now (easier); biz svcs next, but in conjunction w/biz svc, w/help from EAs using TOGAF"
  • Fascinated by Sabot disc: Is service Mobile, International Travel, Blackberry? This is an ontology disc @charlestbetz would love
  • Q: "Easy question: when ops can't invoice customer, what service is it, when big ERP does everything?" (defies easy answer)
  • (Was going to tell joke about how many enterprise architects does it take to create svc catalog. cc @charlestbetz)
  • From @charlestbetz on svc catalog: "It's [tough] and important. Industry is still stuck on this."
  • Torrey: "We started with EA too, but then went Relation Mgrs; they're accountable for the svcs [so they would know]" (Nice)
  • New services come from change request system, which reqs fillingout all the forms: biz owner, service owner, SLA, etc.
  • @CharlesTBetz: @RealGeneKim Current thinking on service portfolio/catalog ontology. The overlaps are deliberate #itSMFne http://t.co/sUWWVvJA

Where next?

  • Duquesne: 11 services now; we have a process called "bringing svcs under management": Six Sigma Black Belt helps create relationships, process mapping, documenting service guide, requestable items, chargeable items, chargeback reporting; then announce the service, and then define the service roadmap
  • Sabot: now in architecture, catalog didn't make it, backburnered by asset destruction (BB)
  • Torrey: 1200 services: need to consolidate
  • integrate into HR onboarding process
  • next up: SMS to automate SMS deployments upon service requests

  • Q: "ours was easy; Wayfarer ecommerce: problem we were trying to solve was staffing problem; infrastructure side; 50 people; when we were 10 people, no balls were dropped; 50 people, didn't know who was taking care of things, balls getting dropped

  • We created list of services, bundled them, assigned "chief worrier"; not SLAs,
    but assigned to think about expanding server pool; not about chargebacks, not about CMDBs, request fulfillment; here's what we do, group them into platforms including Support,

  • We just cared that everything has a home

  • We kept the problem scope very small, because it wouldn't be viewed externally

  • @RoyAtkinson: Great concept: Select a “Chief Worrier” for each service to keep things in focus. (from audience—his org does this)

Will buy you a beer next time, buddy! Catch u in July! RT @glennodonnell: Real treat today w/@RealGeneKim! Wish I could be there!
Dennis Ravenelle talking how IT matters RT @RoyAtkinson: Listen to @dgrboston talking about C-level views of IT. #ITSMFNE
RT @CarlosCasanova/@RoyAtkinson: Change really happens because of disciplined people. - Jim Collins via @dgr
boston #ITSMFNE

RT @RoyAtkinson: Great question: How do you reconcile what IT calls svc vs what customers call them? Often not the same. #itSMFne #ITSM
RT @RoyAtkinson: Great question: How do you reconcile what IT calls services vs what customers call them? Often not the same.
Thx! RT @CharlesTBetz: Curr thinking on service portfolio/catalog ontology. The overlaps are deliberate #itSMFne http://t.co/sUWWVvJA
RT @RoyAtkinson: Great concept: Select a “Chief Worrier” for each service to keep things in focus