5/11: BMC Thought Leadership Series

by Gene Kim on

#devops @BMC_DevOps

  • @BMCDevOps: RT @jezhumble: Interviewed by @BMCDevOps on, er, #devops http://t.co/FshKeetn (free definition of devops included!)
  • @clydelogue: "Agile reduced distance between Dev & business; DevOps reduces distance between Dev & Production/Cust Value"
  • .@clydelogue: "Agile allowed Dev to work more closely with business on application functionality; DevOps
  • .@clydelogue: "DevOps subsumes ITIL release mgmt, config mgmt" (and likely incident/problem mgmt, too)
  • .@clydelogue: "Seeing orgs move from qtrly releases, to monthly/daily releases;"
  • .@clydelogue: "Release mgmt staff often uniquely skilled for DevOps, as they've seen both sides of deployment"
  • .@clydelogue: "Dev/Test is critci

  • .@lusis: "Biggest roadblack in most orgs is IT operations; after that, infosec." (Haha. Nice.)

  • .@lusis: "As hardware is incr programmable, delays from purchasing/provisioning to deploy keeps going down" (like PaaS++)

  • .@lusis: "Just as Amazon EC2, OpenStake abstracts out all hw configuration; networking gear will become equally programmable"

  • .@lusis: (This is driving the increasing intolerance for waiting 6 weeks for IT Ops to deploy)

  • .@lusis: "Ephemeral cloud resources making monitoring via polling untenable; everyone needs to be data scientist"

  • .@lusis: "I wish all infosec would understand how automating configurations actually reduces risk/attack vectors"

  • .@lusis: "And infosec benefits when any cloud resource can be taken out of production, and investigated"

  • .@lusis: "