5/15: ServiceNow

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  • Wow. #know12 now largest ITSM conference. RT @royillsley: Over 2000 people in New Orleans waiting for keynote #ovumit
  • Holy cow: Incredible growth here at ServiceNow: Revenue: FY06: $0.1M; FY10: $43M; FY11: $93M (just filed S1)
  • @PeterKretzman: #know12 IT as the new manufacturing: moving info much harder than the physical equivalent”
  • @rian07: RT @CharlesTBetz:ERP for IT never went away. It's only been gestating. #know12 #StreamBoard
  • ServiceNow roadmap for IT: "incident -> ITSM -> Shared Services -> Line of Business"
  • (I love theory/practice of shared svcs, but I keep thinking of the movie Brazil & the rogue air conditioning repairman :) “@CharlesTBetz: We hear that IT must learn from business. But IT-led capabilities in svc request, workflow, and project are transforming business. #know12

end Fred Snoot

David Smoley, Flextronics, CIO

  • "Spend most of my working life in China and Brazil"
  • Smoley: "I remember fondly the old days when I didn't open have to open laptop before shower"
  • Smoley: "I now look for our company on Twitter before scanning front page of the NYTimes"
  • Smoley: "Quoting Geoffrey More: 'What is transpiring is momentous; planet is wiring itself a new nervous system'"
  • Smoley: "Old world: you got the best tech was at work; new world: my kids have better gear than I get from work"
  • Smoley: "The freemium model for cloud IT svcs shows how far we've come since mainframe/minis and PCs" [high capital vs. free]
  • Smoley: "My prediction: the iPhone, et al, won't be around in 5 years: hardware refreshes no longer once every 5 yrs"
  • Smoley: "Some things you learn, some you recruit"
  • Smoley: "Back when I was doing CICS programming, COTS became compelling; now I think it's changing: easier/better to do inhouse"
  • Smoley: "
  • @bknipfer: #know12 Old: Select & commit. New: Speed date & Las Vegas wedding w/ TIPA map of need to capability. http://t.co/W0aBuIBz
  • I love the Smoley characterization of in-house app dev: "before it was rogue; now it's vogue"
  • Smoley: "Annual strategy sessions for IT nearing absurd; six months into the planning cycle, it's already obsolete?"
  • Smoley: "The answer to every IT question is no longer 'SAP.'" Haha.
  • (I thought I misheard this before. Breathtaking!) Smoley: "50% of all capital investment in US is spent on IT."
  • I know that 80% of all capital projects involve IT; but wow, 50% of capital $$ is on IT?! Yield is so low due to #itfail
  • Smoley: "CIOs bragging abt size of their budgets causes bad dysfunctions: $$ numbers are too big, at expense of earnings"
  • Smoley: Clay Christensen: Innovator's DNA: "Question, Observe, Network, Experiment, Associative Thinking"
  • Smoley: "2009: had 3 help desks, acquired largest competitor, which doubled our company size
  • @PeterKretzman: #know12 Experiment: make it OK to fail. Learn from failure. This is counter to trad IT ethic of "everything on time & in budget"”

Day 2

  • @MacantaConsult: RT “@RogertheITSMGuy: Trust me @aprillallen, we will handle calling your presentation awesome. #onesmartbird #know12” Amen to that!
  • @camds: RT @RogertheITSMGuy: @aprillallen Move beyond categories to tagging for knowledge mgmt. Custom field in SN to capture. Great idea!
  • @rfbanot: RT @RogertheITSMGuy: @aprillallen "Every funny IT story could have been fixed by an adequate knowledge base" GUILTY!
  • @thisismichaelb: Presentations are live at http://t.co/guSk2ydY . Thanks for the quick response, @servicenow .
  • @JenaeGarrett: RT @jarodgreene: Everyone was wrong. They said @fred_luddy would build the biz app in 11 minutes. He did it in 6. #thatsgangster #Know12
  • @adamjwray: RT @PeterKretzman: #know12 Here's the "Do You Know" video referenced by Brian Lillie: http://t.co/ddF3bnGu @db2fred: RT @glennodonnell: "We used to call them files, now we call them NoSQL databases" @fred_luddy #Know12 LOL @DortchOnIT: Brian Lillie, CIO of Equinix: IT must move from systems of record to systems of engagement

Mickey Cote, IT Manager, LL Bean

  • Cote: "10 year old Service Center implementation; haven't upgraded; can't even patch it anymore"
  • Cote: "Peak season in retail in Nov; May: need contract in July: need to implement: incident, problem, chg"
  • Cote: "Used agile process"
  • Cote: "Culture is collective behavior of people; formed by org values, visions, norms; includes beliefs and habits"
  • Cote: "Includes patterns of behaviors and assumptions"
  • Cote: "Culture patterns: Cultivation, Collaboration, Control, or Competence"
  • Cote: "Collaboration culture: adaptive, can do, diversity, people driven"
  • Cote: "Control culture: Definitive, policies/procedures, standardization, steady pace"
  • Cote: "Cultivation culture: commitment/dedication, enabling/empowering, freedom to make mistakes, inspire/enliven"
  • Cote: "Competent culture: autonomy/individual, competitive, creative, efficiency, objective, stretch"
  • Cote: "In a battle of a project/strategy/procedure in conflict with culture, culture always wins. Always."
  • Cote: "Change is hard; transformation is slow; how do you do it in 3 months"
  • Cote:
  • "@DortchOnIT: Top 5 CIO priorities, per Brian Lillie, CIO @Equinix *
  • @DortchOnIT: Top 5 CIO priorities, per Brian Lillie, CIO @Equinix
  • Knowledge12: #1: be a leader with high emotional/energy quotient.
  • @DortchOnIT: Top 5 CIO priorities, per Brian Lillie, CIO @Equinix @Knowledge12: #2: influence business strategy, not just processes.
  • @DortchOnIT: Top 5 CIO priorities, per Brian Lillie, CIO @Equinix @Knowledge12: #3: encourage innovation!
  • @DortchOnIT: Top 5 CIO priorities, per Brian Lillie, CIO @Equinix @Knowledge12: #4: develop and nurture a high-performing team.
  • @DortchOnIT: Top 5 CIO priorities, per Brian Lillie, CIO @Equinix @Knowledge12: #5: govern, manage risk and ensure compliance.
  • Cote: "Sponsorship involvement: delivers increased awareness, removes roadblocks, resolves Big Problems"
  • Cote: "Sponsor has to be logical match:


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