2013/10/09: Akamai EDGE

by Gene Kim on


Dr. Tom Leighton

  • Tracks: Developers, Web Security, Government,
  • Highlights: Rob Cartner, CIO FedEx; Gene Kim, Monte Ford, American Airlines; Geoffrey Moore; Bruce Schneier, Ondi Timoner, Director

Robert Hughes, President, WorldWide Operations

  • Directed Development Actions: annual MBO process
  • 1800 attendees;
  • Sponsors underwrite 50% of the cost of EDGE conference
  • Video over IP to grow 5x by 2017
  • 4x increase video streaming during 2008 election
  • Pearson: 95% of traffic offloaded to Akamai

Rob Carter, CIO, FedEx

  • 8 time winner from CIO Magazine; 13 year customer of Akamai
  • Talk title: "Four Horsemen Of Dominant Design"
  • How do you press yourself to the very edge of innovation?
  • Bought up 800 MHz spectrum across the country, b/c they didn't have cell phone coverage to support FedEx tracking
  • Been CIO FedEx since 2000, 14 years
  • Carter, CIO Fedex: "To support pkg tracking, we bought up 800 MHz spectrum across the country, b/c no one had cell phone coverage to support FedEx tracking"
  • "Information about the package is as important as the package itself"
  • How do you innovate when you have all this legacy pulling you back to an earlier era of computing?
  • Dominant Design: one of the most important engineering principles I know about. When you're prior to a DD, you don't see it; during DD, you don't recognize it; in rear view mirror, you take it for granted that it was always that way
  • Carter: "Railroad Gauge Battle: this train could operate on all 3 US gauges, none interoperable"
  • Carter: "Lincoln elected, passing Railroad Act of 1863, unifying railroad gauges to 4 ft 8.5 inches; vs 3' or 7'"
  • Carter: "Unifying railroad gauges had huge impact on productivity; affected Union success in Civil War"
  • Carter: "Enterprise computing was born in 70s; before that, only payroll, accounting, maybe scientific computing"
  • Carter: "Servers; 2^n: which do you want, "penny doubling every 30d, or $1MM?"
  • Carter: "We're only on Day 19 on CPUs; at 5 billion transistors
  • Carter: "All of us, when given a choice, build out data centers that are homogenous, standardized (Dominant Design)
  • Carter: "My first job out of college was a DECnet administrator; totally replaced by TCP/IP
  • Carter: "10 yrs ago, the 1st thing u did at a conf was look for.. a phone jack; but media ppl always grabbed them 1st
  • Carter: "Back when I was programming 30 years ago, all we had was 1s and 0s; and sometimes we didn't even have 1s
  • Carter: "Eric Schmidt: '5 exabytes of info generated in dawn of civiliation
  • Carter: "In 1956, 100 MB drive required an entire air freight plane to ship"
  • Carter: "Heaviest thing on the data center floor are big, heavy disks; that's changing
  • Carter: "Densdale was CIO at Sony/BMI; got elected to digital rights music; quit saying this was unsolvable; then came iTunes; first SaaS
  • @cscobie_AKAM: Rob Carter (Fedex CIO) is giving one of the best keynote presentations I have ever seen! #AkamaiEdge http://t.co/TgSsmBeuLF
  • Carter: "Cloud is the Dominant Design that stitches all these trends together; CPUs, servers, networks, software"
  • Carter: "In 1800s, any town that picked wrong railroad gauge became ghost town; they picked the wrong design/trend"

Wade Baker

  • @thierryzoller: RT @joshcorman: The great @wadebaker talking @ threats & depictions of scary things in history & today #AkamaiEdge http://t.co/zH82cPuPMs
  • .@wadebaker: "Across 2K+ data breaches, top causes: 43%: Point of Sale intrusion; 22%: skimming devices; 9% web app
  • .@wadebaker: "
  • @joshcorman: Unfortunately @wadebaker has not yet explained how credit card/skimmer heavy their corpus of data is #AkamaiEdge http://t.co/MgOdGAhL5i


  • Shit, my attribution was wrong: "Gene Kim, Author, Entrepreneur, Founder Tripwire"; Should have been, "DevOps Researcher, Author "The Phoenix Project"
  • @RyanKh12: RT @Akamai: The much anticipated #AkamaiEdge app is available for download for Edge attendees! Download now! http://t.co/aUQ8mQVnha
  • RT @Akamai: Watch @FedEX CIO, Robert Carter, giving LIVE video stream from #AkamaiEdge here: http://t.co/9VsfQY
  • * @JakeCareyRand: RT @Akamai: Watch @FedEX CIO, Robert Carter, deliver the customer keynote with LIVE video stream from #AkamaiEdge here: http://t.co/9VsfQY
  • @BillBrenner70: RT @csoandy: The @Akamai social media team loves me. #AkamaiEdge http://t.co/E9lXbArzfI