The Maker Age: Enlightened Views on Science & Art

by Ray Sensenbach on


@ElevenInc: Adam Savage of Myth Busters about to kick-off SXSWi keynote on The Maker Age. #sxsw
@AndreaJoliet: RT @clevrcat: 1st problem: we see science + art as opposites of each other. #IEEESavage #sxsw
@clevrcat: 2nd problem - we see both science and art as separate from us. - @don'ttrythis #IEEEsavage #sxsw
@pattersonjordon: Problem: we see science and art as opposites, as separate from us, we don't try to understand if we think we can't. #sxblono
@TheNapkinDad: art and science are drifting apart. once we believe we can't understand something we give up trying. #ieeesavage #sxsw
@ericreagan: Art and science should be getting closer to each other and closer to us. #ieeesavage #sxsw
@FindingDrishti: Ignorance /=/ bliss
@screelman: Conversation is culture. Be active in your culture. Ignorance does not equal bliss
@kitchZen: We can choose to be passive or active participants in culture, but being active is better. @donttrythis at #SXSWi
@TheNapkinDad: art we don't understand: art is only what we like - equally valid. #ieeesavage #sxsw
@Natbaak: I don't know much about art but I know what I like..
@LegallyDead: Why do we see art and science as mutually exclusive of one another? #ieeesavage #blono
@junascimento: RT @DeloitteDIGIAU: Savage defines 'culture' as us discussing and interacting with art and science #ieeesavage #sxsw
@AudreyPadgett: The only wrong response to art is what you borrow from another. Letting others tell you what to think. @donttrythis #IEEESavage #SXSW
@AdPeopleWW: Every generation feels the same thing about art: that everything has already been discovered - Adam Savage #IEEEsavage @donttrythis #sxsw
AU: Savage says that our view of scientists is polarising. We see them either as holy imparters of wisdom or lowly nerds #ieeesavage #sxsw
@junascimento: RT @CarmenDuarte: We see art and science as separate from ourselves and topics we're unqualified to discuss. #ieeesavage #sxswi
@mikethomsen: 748303626-slide rapid-fire PowerPoint deck - art or science? #sxsw #askadam
@catmatson: RT @DeloitteDIGI
AU: Savage says that our view of scientists is polarising. We see them either as holy imparters of wisdom or lowly nerds #…
@TrendLove: Adam Savage pontificates the myths of Art & Science. Getting beyond paradigms of Einsteen, geeks, tortured souls. #ieeesavage #sxsw
@KatieVitale: "Science is for everyone."#ieeeSavage #SXSW14
@afallas: Once we believe we can't understand something we give up trying. #ieeesavage #SXSW
@lorynwithaY: More science than sports in schools <<<< YES. @donttrythis #IEEESavage
@TheNapkinDad: "I'm great at math, I am terrible with numbers" #ieeesavage #sxsw
@sunshinenwaves: #AdamSavage "@MythBusters @mythdoes not stand by results but we do stand by our methodolgy" test & try. test &try again. Amen
@livepath: RT @kdtwill: Every time you change your joke based on the last response, you are practicing science - love it #ieeesavage #sxswi
@livepath: RT @DeloitteDIGIAU: Myrhbusters knows it's more entertainment than science but by being digestible it can have a greater educational impac…
@AndreaJoliet: 12 yr old girl in Berkley did study on parking meters using stopwatch that led to Calif legislation #ieeesavage #sxsw #adamsavage
@jennacamann: We have far more sports teams than science fairs and I hope that changes by the time I'm done here. -@donttrythis #IEEEsavage #sxsw
@andrewmccormick: Adam Savage on stage talking science and art in the maker age #sxsw
@mobial: Adam Savage is appealing to the #SXSW crowd that ART and SCIENCE are NOT OPPOSITES #IEEESavage
@junascimento: RT @rebrivved: Equations are art inside a mathematician's brain. #sxsw #IEEESavage
@lorynwithaY: Developing hypotheses is a creative act #IEEESavage
@junascimento: Scientific method by @donttrythis - 1. Come up with a question 2. Form hypothsesis3. Design an experiment to test hypothesis
@betcdigital: RT @yolichisholm: Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts. #SXSW
@SeenapseIt: RT @Anngelica: Science requires creativity. #ieeesavage #sxsw #sxswhavas
@AudreyPadgett: Art and science are how we converse about what we are doing. @donttrythis #IEEESavage #sxsw
@hurstej: Nothing is beyond your understanding. Seriously.
@tmonhollon: My notes from the @donttrythis #sxsw session are here> Feel free to share, RT!
@PKeyserE: The worst thing you can do is adopt someone else's opinion about art. #ieeesavage #LMOSXSW #SXSW14
@mkmcginty: "Art and science are the twin engines driving us forward as a society" @donttrythis #sxsw
@lorynwithaY: Science in our country could talk more about failure -- failure is when you really learn stuff #IEEESavage
@Natbaak: RT @DeloitteDIGI
AU: Scientists can be better storytellers. Adam thinks scientists should discuss failure more openly to humanise it #ieees
@lisiaf: RT @clevrcat: "Kids think science is like math, a mountain of things to memorize, but really math is a vast unexplored world." - @donttryth
@junascimento: RT @natface: Our culture is hostile towards sciene, so often it's politicised. As a result we don't discuss importance of failure in scienc…
@hurstej: Hats off to science teachers using their own money to run experiments in the classroom and dealing with children