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@BethSample: A pattern is a reusable solution to a commonly occurring problem. #patternlib #sxsw #sxswinteractive
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Sample: A pattern is a reusable solution to a commonly occurring problem. #patternlib #sxsw #sxswinteractive
@BradGriffith: Mentions of Yahoo Design Patterns library and Bootstrap to kick off #sxsw #patternlib
@Beth_Sample: Recommended: Ordering Disorder: Grid Principles for Web Design, by Khoi Vinh #patternlib #sxsw #sxswinteractive
Pattern libraries bridge the gap between design and development
@shadow4611: Design patterns helps communication between team members. Design Pattern Libraries. #sxsw
The core resoni a for consistency in an organization

Become a pattern library master

How do you scope a pattern library? Visual only or front end code as well?

How to you share the pattern library? A static document or an interactive website

@futurenbeta: RT @travismillerweb: "Designers and Developers work best when they're able to walk that bridge together." #sxsw #patternlib #sparkbrand
@ktbartholomew: If you're asking yourself when to start building the design pattern library, it's already too late. #patternlib #SXSW14
@ultraman17: You can only be successful if you involve the developer from the beginning, when creating design. #SXSWi #patternlib #sxsw

@MattScience: Pattern:

"A reusable solution to a commonly occurring problem."

@brianpeppler + @veganace #patternlib #sxsw #fcbsxsw2014 #

Variations are important in docs, don't get too strict

@ericreagan: Design working with development iteratively. Buttons. Motions. Flows. All should work consistently in defined pattern libraries
@accantu: Elements for building a pattern library: Naming, Description, When/Where to use, Rationale, Examples & Variations #SXSW
@Beth_Sample: Format considerations. #sxsw #patternlib #sxswinteractive
@MattScience: "It is better to show than tell." -@veganace

patternlib #sxsw #sxfcb #fcbsxsw2014

Showing {>} Telling

Yahoo pattern library
Mailchimp patter library
Sales force-heroku

Idea - design some type of pattern library and publish for portfolio. Highly exciting skill in the design industry

Typography with scss - system created with James trask - blog post
@MadamCardinal: Design patterns help bridge the gap between designers & developers. Notes on Design Patterns #UpWordSXSW #patternlib
Trying to stay up with competitors on features is not as important as a holistic experience.
Translate this into lost sales or marketing speak to get this up the chain.
Lingo - internal glossary tool at PayPal. Build this into skillzapp for acronyms