Welcome to TweetScriber!

by Amthal Almutairi on



We wrote TweetScriber so you can take notes, collect and curate other people's tweets, and tweet yourself out at the same time to all your adoring fans.

Getting Started

  • Create a new TweetScriber document - a scribe - by clicking the + button above the left column.
    • In portrait mode, you'll have to tap the Stream button in the upper left to see the + button -- it's probably better to just use landscape mode for now!
  • Give your new scribe a title and a hashtag using the fields along the top of the editor.
    • When you're at a conference, often they'll suggest a conference hashtag. *(e.g., #sxsw, #velocityconf, #puppetconf, #tweetscriberconf, #yourconfgoeshere, etc.)

Taking Notes

  • Type in the editor.
    • This works great with an external keyboard.
  • Use an asterisk (*) to create bulleted lists.
    • To indent or outdent, you can:
      • use the Tab key to indent the bullets;
      • swipe left or right on the line; or
      • use the buttons in the lower-left hand corner of the screen.
    • Two returns will outdent, too, just like in Google Docs.


  • When you've written a wonderful note, you can click the Tweet button in the lower-right hand corner of the screen.
    • The current sentence will appear in the Tweet composition window.
    • Tap Send to send your Tweet, or Cancel to cancel it.
  • The number to the left of the Tweet button is the number of characters in your tweet.
    • The number turns red when the character count nears the 140 limit
    • TweetScriber tweets the current line only.
  • Give it a try. Tap anywhere in the following sentence, and click the Tweet button:
    • I'm taking notes and tweeting at the same time using #tweetscriber!

Curating and Retweeting

  • Once you set the hashtag, you'll see other people's Tweets show up in the left pane.
  • When you see a noteworthy Tweet:
    • If you tap the arrow button, it'll be copied into your notes. It'll look like this:
      • @hertling: Taking conference notes? Use #tweetscriber for the iPad!
    • If you tap the retweet button, it will be copied into your notes and into the Tweet composition window. It'll look like this:
      • RT @hertling: Taking conference notes? Use #tweetscriber for the iPad!
  • If you tweeted out the example note above, you'll see your own Tweet in the left pane.
    • Try copying or retweeting that note!

Sharing Your Scribes

  • You can click the Share button in the upper-right hand corner of the screen to share your masterpiece.
    • Share your scribes online at scribes.tweetscriber.com!
      • You need to have your Twitter account set up for this.
      • Just pick Share Scribe! to share a new scribe.
        • Once you've shared a scribe, this will become Update Scribe! to update your work in place.
      • You can also easily tweet out the URL to your scribe or view your scribe in Safari.
    • You can also use the clipboard for sharing, if you prefer.
      • Pick Copy Scribe as Text to simply copy your scribe as-is, or
      • Pick Copy Scribe as HTML to translate your scribe into HTML.
        • Your scribe must be written using Markdown syntax for this to work.
  • Once shared, the sky's the limit!
    • Tweet a link to your scribe on scribes.tweetscriber.com.
    • Use the clipboard to email your scribe to yourself or others.
    • Blog about it.
    • Put into Evernote.
    • Put it into Pages.
    • Use your imagination!

Further Questions?

We can always be reached on Twitter as @tweetscriber. Welcome, and thanks
for checking us out!