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Jay Baer

The best stories are about what you DO not what you say.

Skip's Kitchen

Pick a card; if it's a joker, your meal is free. Zero dollars on marketing.

word of mouth + content - your customers grow your business for you.

We trust people more than ever and we trust companies less than ever. Recommendations carry massive power.

Talk triggers are a strategic operational choice that compels word of mouth.
Have a talk trigger and use content marketing to shine a light on it/them

4 talk trigger requirements
- remarkable: we discuss different and ignore average
- repeatable: surprise and delight is a stunt not a strategy. (can't just surprise one customer; have to make it universal)
- reasonable: experiences that are too grand create suspicion (Goldilocks Zone: big enough to be different, but not so big that it undermines trust)
- relevant: it has to make sense.

topical generosity
timeliness - amtrak elevator


text Triggers to 66866