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bi-pedal beavers

You follow dreams, but people lead you there. - RR talking about Joe P.

tabula rasa

Drew Davis

Quit blaming the goldfish. Our audience can pay attention as long as you grab and hold their attention.

In our effort to make our content shorter & shorter & shorter, we've eliminated every element that makes it interesting. @DrewDavisHere

The phrase, "Pay attention" infers that you can buy and sell it. But attention can only be earned over time. @DrewDavisHere #CMWorld

Curiosity gaps between what we know and what we want to know create tension...and hold our attention.
Tension moves you from the desire to know what happens to the NEED to know what happens.

We have a need for closure—an aversion to ambiguity.

Payoff: your content's payoff must be proportional to the tension you have created.

We invite our audience to chase answers

When someone says our content is too long, what they're saying is, "I have no more questions. When we eliminate their desire to answer questions, we eliminate their interest. @DrewDavisHere #CMWorld

Formula for earning your audience's attention: ATTN = (tension/time) x PAYOFF. @DrewDavisHere #CMWorld

Raise the stakes. Show something your audience desires and threaten it with one rubber band at a time. Delay the reveal. @DrewDavisHere #CMWorld