2013/08/08: Agile 2013 Day 4

by Gene Kim on


Up: "Agile and Technical Debt," Israel Gat (@agile_exec)


  • Ward Cunningham, OOPSLA 92: "Shipping first time code is like going into debt."
  • Cunningham: "A little debt speeds development so long as it is paid back promptly with a rewrite..."
  • Cunningham: "Every minute spent on not-quite-right code counts as interest"
  • .@Agile_Exec: "
  • @agilelynn: http://t.co/nS5ypLWpW7 Rusty Car Metaphor for #TechDebt. Treat your scratches before they rust (@Agile_Exec) #Agile2013
  • @scottwambler: @agile_exec The economic value of lagging applications is questionable after 3-5 yrs - @CapersJones #Agile2013
  • .@Agile_Exec: "Toxic Code Metaphor: toxic code is where
  • @scottwambler: Toxic code is software whose technical debt-to-value ratio is greater than 100% @agile_exec #Agile2013
  • RT @scottwambler: Toxic code is software whose technical debt-to-value ratio is greater than 100% @agile_exec #Agile2013
  • @WoodyZuill: RT @scottwambler: Paying down technical debt should be one of your strategic investment themes - @agile_exec #Agile2013
  • @wylieburt: Tech Debt decomposed to Principle and Recurring Interest shows the dangers of ignoring tech debt #Agile2013
  • @dominicad: Great to see "Conway's Law" mentioned at multiple #Devops talks during #Agile2013.
  • @wylieburt: Tech debt increases exponentially when you reuse (copy/paste) tech debt code #Agile2013
  • Holy cow. Mind blown. The way to knock out your language centers is to listen to quick speech & repeat it in your head.

Up: "DevOps: What's Missing," Andrew Schaefer

  • @dominicad: "Eye opening self assessment test of your org" via @littleidea - http://t.co/LLY46Jofep #Devops #Agile2013
  • @botchagalupe: @littleidea #agile2013 Is giving a @benr style stake in the ground #devops presentation now ....

Up: Agile testing: What Isn't Working For You? Janet Gregory

  • Q: "Does continuous delivery chg the world?" A: "YES. It's inevitable & enormous impact to QA; can't test in prod anymore
  • Q: "How do you convince others of importance of QA craft?" A: "wait for big train wrecks.

Up: "Fifty Shades of Behavior Driven Development", Richard Yu (@richard_yu)

  • @tmccarley: Asshole driven development: when one developer steam rolls the project. -JimHelm hahahahahaa, so funny and so true! #Agile2013

Up: "Cleaner Dev Using a Branch Per Issue Workflow", Sarah Goff-Dupont (cc @mattjay)

  • OH: "If a Dev hangs on to their branch more than a couple of days [w/o merging], there's major risks created." /cc @jezhumble
  • OH: "If you have archaic code that's not modularized, spaghetti code, impossible to do continuous delivery"
  • Very interesting and cerebral branching strategy/tactics being discussed/debated here. Great job, Sarah!
  • (Watching a bunch of people after Sarah's talk debate passionately about branching strategies. Very cool. /cc @testobsessed)

Up: "Effecting a DevOps Transformation at SalesForce.com", Karthik Rajan (VP Infra Engr), Dave Mangot (Arch, Infr Engr)


  • (I've been waiting for this talk from Salesforce.com by @kabbyr/@mangot all week!)
  • Karthik: 5 years at salesforce; all infrastructure as code, compute, storage, etc.; "department of data"
  • Dave: systems engineer for 15+ years, C&W, Sun Microsystems, Tagged.com, etc.
  • Mangot: "why are we the same/diff? why didn't we xform TechOps on 1st try? Why are we succeeding? why still challenges?"
  • Mangot: "Same? At small companies, we all need to wear multiple hats; at large co, lots of siloed skills, CTOs, VPs, EVPs
  • Mangot: "Conway's Law dictates when there's a bigger org, it's more difficult to chg; but Salesforce still feels like startup
  • Mangot: "Salesforce often viewed as 'innovative' by mags like Fortune; but in actuality, we are just willing to move fast
  • Mangot: "Focus on customer success; pervades entire organization
  • .@kabbyr: "In 2000, Salesforce was founded on goal of delivering CRM capabilities, as easy as buy on Amazon;
  • .@kabbyr: "by 2007, 59K customers, billions of transactions; hypergrowth (missed some of the big stats)
  • .@kabbyr: "Consequence: feature release rate started going down"
  • .@kabbyr: "2006 was our last waterfall release; we release 3x yearly, with high quality; deploy times down from 6d to 5m"
  • .@kabbyr: "URL in your salesforce is your pod, assigned at account provisioning time"
  • @iteration1: Salesforce went from 4->1 release in 2006 before ADM. #Agile2013 #devops
  • .@kabbyr: "Now 100K+ customers, over 1B transactions per day, and tons of people"
  • .@kabbyr: "Big question: how do we continue to innovate at scale? without hiring more people
  • .@kabbyr: "Problems: lack of visibility of biz planning, lack of team alignment on priorities; unpredictable projects/initiatives
  • .@kabbyr: "2012: Infrastructure Take 2: ADM + DevOps:
  • @stenvoon: When you join we assign you a pod. See "na5" or "na6" in URL? That's your pod, where your data lives. It's how we scale. @kabbyr #Agile2013
  • .@kabbyr: "Take 2a: Dev supporting Ops (part time); didn't work as well as hoped; not fully embeded; comm probs; pig over wall
  • .@kabbyr: "Take 2b: TechOps split into Infrastructure Engineering (infrastructure as code, chg the biz) + Ops (run the biz)
  • .@kabbyr: "Infra as code new mantra; chged core hiring prac, created dedicated scrum teams, on crit infr (storage, network)
  • .@kabbyr: "@ReleaseTEAMInc: RT @dominicad: "We didn't succeed the 1st time - unpredictable deliveries and competing priorities didn't help." @kabbyr #Agile2013
  • .@kabbyr: "New Clouds (like Spotify tribes: infra engrs on data center design/backplane, automation, compute layer)
  • .@kabbyr: "Cloud teams are autonomous/decoupled; works together w/Ops w/accountability for end-end success
  • .@mangot: "Today, business keeps getting faster;
  • .@mangot: "Citing Three Ways from #phoenixproject; 'these things are important to us'
  • @dominicad: "Take 2 after 1st fail: Goal of fully independent clouds and embedded teams." @kabbyr #devops #Agile2013
  • .@mangot: "For us, DevOps 'CAMS' is important, but stress is on Culture and Sharing, b/c that's where the wins are" (wow)
  • .@mangot: "Culture: we have brown bags, tech talks and ADM [adaptive dev methodology]: think like Agile Dev"
  • .@mangot: "Automation: we use puppet, rundeck; we just open sourced rundeck module; see us at #puppetconf next wk"
  • .@mangot: "We're bringing in graphite for metrics; we generate burndown & velocity graphs, just like Dev
  • .@mangot: "On sharing, we LOVE Salesforce Chatter; it's Biz Facebook; I love Chatter; it's awesome; 1st thing I read daily
  • .@mangot: "We love Chatter; we have SVP where 90% emails to him result in 'hey, can you post this on Chatter'
  • (Wow, I love it when people about tools they love. It's infectious. Tools matter.) /cc @mangot/@kabbyr
  • .@mangot: "Tools like Chatter knocks down walls; entire org can be in a giant chat room, you can feel org changing
  • .@mangot: "Big aha moment was after listening to @botchagalupe interviewing @jezhumble, who talked about Toyota Kata" (YES!@iteration1: Internal sharing: using chatter over email at salesforce. Gives you visibility and openness. #devops #Agile2013
  • )
  • .@mangot: "My big q: what is our DevOps kata? I think it's ADM: daily standup (Deming 8), sprint retro (13), sprint demo (9)
  • (Nice. @mangot rattling off Deming points, mapping to Agile tools; @botchagalupe is weeping with joy somewhere)
  • .@mangot: "We recored all demos, and then post them on chatter; anyone can go to my team's chatter page and see what I'm doing
  • .@mangot: "Cloud realignment: optimize end-to-end delivery; each time able to do complete flow of work; studying TOC"
  • .@mangot: "We have a dedicated team called Jawa: solely focused creating pods even faster than now; help us go fast
  • .@mangot: "B/c pod creation is constraint, everyone subordinates to them; give them ppl, fix their bugs; KEEP THEM GOING FAST
  • @stenvoon: Another mention for the Phoenix Project http://t.co/K2nHp4lQBB @davemangot #Agile2013
  • @absoludicrous: @davemangot / @kabbyr are getting to the whys for this preso on sfdc's devops transform - nice #Agile2013
  • .@mangot: "We have hackdays, focused on Third Way; 'we hack not to make product better, but to make Salesforce better'
  • .@mangot: "We've had an internal DevOps Mini-Conference b/c of @damonedwards DevOps Rome, moved everyone to different bldg
  • .@mangot: "We even did internal unconference, which was most popular part of conference; allowed self-organization
  • .@mangot: "Big part of our culture of innovation: ppl saying 'I hv this problem I need to solve', fostering Dev/Ops collab
  • .@mangot: "We love vagrant at Salesforce; I started on puppet team; big bottleneck solved by vagrant; clone repo, vagrant up
  • .@mangot: "I can bring up new box, try node.js, mongoDB, and have production instance on my laptop
  • .@mangot: "PTon is our 20% of time on innovation;
  • .@mangot: "Embeds helps us do Second Way; our Ops Brent was pushing for DevOps; fly to SFO from VA, help us, give us feedback
  • .@mangot: "By Wed, saw our processes, Thu he was checking in code, Fri he was writing puppet manifests; fast correction" (wow)
  • .@mangot: "Alan Shalloway spoke on human physiological response to change; our constant iteration causes stress
  • .@mangot: "Got email from Dev mgr: 'I loved your DevOps talk; I confess I have no idea how our code gets into production"
  • .@mangot: "Front Door Process: like Spotify FICA process: goal: tell people what's coming down the pike; not 40 pg template
  • .@kabbyr: "Focus on creating pockets of excellence;
  • .@kabbyr: "Future Probs: bringing agile into trad IT Ops; Then Ops into Infr Engr & Dev; reeduc/recruiting; scaling securely
  • Q: "I'm hving trouble w/IT Ops sprinting"; A: "When infrastructure is code, same SW engr practices, prod owners, etc.
  • @dominicad: No chance of drifting off during @davemangot's #devops talk! His passion is entertaining. #Agile2013
  • A: "We invest a ton on automating; we demand APIs from our vendors"
  • .@kabbyr: "we use things like vagrant so we can all test on our desktops; 100Ks of tests; working on fully automated deploys
  • .@mangot: "Loose coupling isn't just for code arch; u want it everywhere to allow autonomy, preventing blocks & queues
  • (That's fascinating; deploys/releases get blocked on Finance? reengineer to allow looser coupling & autonomy. Brilliant)
  • .@mangot: "Salesforce invests heavily on education; want to learn python, data visualization? Go take a class!"
  • .@mangot: "We would love to do #chatops, but compliance and security concerns oversight concerns; version control goes into pkgs, then pushed to prod
  • .@kabbyr: "


  • @annagevorgyan: Too many mentions of hardening sprints at #Agile2013, have we stopped advocating for building quality in from start or am I missing smth?
  • @seidewitz: At VA they have a two hour weekly call with CIO and all deputies.
  • @dominicad: Ha - @Littleidea taking on "Working effectively with legacy culture" until the game changes. #CultureIt #Devops #Agile2013
  • @johndesser: We talk about culture like a checkbox on a list @littleidea

  • RT RT @scottwambler: Paying down technical debt should be one of your strategic investment themes - @agile_exec #Agile2013

  • RT @wylieburt: Tech debt increases exponentially when you reuse (copy/paste) tech debt code #Agile2013

  • @AlisonDermer: Watch the #Agile2013 Opening Keynote: #pmot via http://t.co/Zx8J93ihjA

  • @RonicaRoth: Pull security forward. Fun writing (ab)user stories with @judyneher

  • RT @RonicaRoth: Pull security forward. Fun writing (ab)user stories with @judyneher #agile2013 /cc @joshcorman

  • @nhajratw: 45,000 engineers in microsoft that @arlobelshee is targeting for agile "transformation"

  • RT @dominicad: "We didn't succeed the 1st time - unpredictable deliveries and competing priorities didn't help." @kabbyr #Agile2013

  • RT @dominicad: "Take 2 after 1st fail: Goal of fully independent clouds and embedded teams." @kabbyr #devops #Agile2013

  • @johannarothman: RT @nhajratw: #1 difficulty with 10,000 people is lack of direct comm'n. Info doesn't come directly from you - @arlobelshee

  • @dominicad: "The things that are going to change our company are the cultural and sharing bits of @botchagalupe's #CAMS" @davemangot #devops #Agile2013

  • @msilpala: Current status: watching @arlobelshee share stories about how his team is helping to agilify Microsoft on a large scale.

  • Wow. Awesome stuff. RT @dominicad: No chance of sleeping during @davemangot's #devops talk! His passion is entertaining. #Agile2013

  • @agilelynn: RT @mattbarcomb: All arguments are flawed, but some are flawed wronger. #Agile2013

  • @RallySoftware: RT @TheCharlesCain: Via @estherderby create a physical Rumor Board to address rumors during change #Agile2013